About Leonora

About Leonora

About me

I greet You with Love and Respect.

For a Good Life, it is important to feel good, to have Good Energies, even a nice Massage with complete Relaxation.

Why choose Me in the Netherlands?
After 5 years of my Facility, I am considered one of the most popular and authentic Tantrikas in the Netherlands.

My Spirituality started not 3 years ago.
The basis of my knowledge is primarily my own lived life, the Teachings I brought with me, and only secondarily books and schools.

After childhood urinary retention and behavior disorders, traumas, and suicide attempts, I learned about myself, my own and other people’s Energies, Spirituality, Feelings, physical and mental Touches.

I brought with Me the Secret of how to love yourself, how to feel loved…..
I share with you my Hugs, my good Energies, so that You can be filled with them for Weeks, even for all your Life…

REIKI Teacher, and Master
YIN & Meditation Teacher

Classic TANTRA
TANTRA Masseur
Classical Body Masseur
Classical Relax Masseur
Chakra Energetic Masseur